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manual: [15] The Latin word for ‘hand’ was manus (it came from an Indo-European base *mə n-, and its modern descendants include French main, Italian and Spanish mano, and Romanian mîna). It has contributed generously to English vocabulary, and manual (from the Latin adjective manuālis) is among its least heavily disguised derivatives.

Others include amanuensis [17] (from the Latin phrase servus ā manū ‘servant at hand(writing)’, hence ‘secretary’); emancipate; manacle [14] (from Latin manicula ‘little hand’); manage; mandate (and its relatives command, demand, etc); manicure [19]; manifest; manipulate [19] (from Latin manipulus ‘handful’); manner; manoeuvre; manufacture [16] (ultimately from Latin manū factum ‘made by hand’); manure; manuscript [16] (in Latin literally ‘written by hand’); mastiff; and possibly masturbate [17], which comes from Latin masturbārī, perhaps a lexicalization of the phrase manū stuprāre ‘defile with the hand’.

=> amanuensis, command, demand, emancipate, manacle, manage, mandate, manifest, manipulate, manner, manoeuvre, manure, mastiff, masturbate, maundy, remand[manual etymology, manual origin, 英语词源]