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ransack: [13] Ransack means etymologically ‘search a house’. It was borrowed from Old Norse rannsaka, a compound verb formed from rann ‘house’ (a relative of Old English ærn ‘house’, which underlies English barn) and -saka ‘search’ (a relative of English seek). A now defunct derivative was ransackle or ranshackle, from which we get modern English ramshackle [19].
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mid-13c., from a Scandinavian source akin to Old Norse rannsaka "to pillage," literally "search the house" (especially legally, for stolen goods), from rann "house," from Proto-Germanic *raznan (c.f. Gothic razn, Old English ærn "house;" see barn) + saka "to search," related to Old Norse soekja "seek" (see seek). Sense influenced by sack (v.). Related: Ransacked; ransacking.