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pruneyoudaoicibaDictYouDict[prune 词源字典]
prune: English has two distinct words prune. The older, ‘dried plum’ [14], is ultimately the same word as plum, and indeed in the 16th and 17th century was often used for ‘plum’. It comes via Old French prune from Vulgar Latin *prūna, which also gave English (through Germanic) plum. Prune ‘cut off unneeded parts’ [15] denotes etymologically ‘cut in a rounded shape in front’. It comes via Old French proignier from Vulgar Latin *prōrotundiāre, a compound verb formed from the Latin prefix prō- ‘in front’ and rotundus ‘round’ (source of English rotund and round).
=> plum; rotund, round[prune etymology, prune origin, 英语词源]