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tingeyoudaoicibaDictYouDict[tinge 词源字典]
tinge: [15] Etymologically, tinge denotes ‘soak, moisten’. That is what its Latin source, tingere, originally meant. The notion of ‘colour’ comes from a secondary Latin sense, ‘dye’, which arose from the concept of ‘dipping in liquid dye’. The Latin past participle, tinctus, lies behind English taint [14], tincture [14], and tint [18].
=> taint, tincture, tint[tinge etymology, tinge origin, 英语词源]
tinge (v.)youdaoicibaDictYouDict
late 15c., "to dye, color slightly," from Latin tingere "to dye, color" (see tincture). Related: Tinged. The noun is first recorded 1752.