The Lost Prince
The Mad King
  • The Mad King
  • 中文名:疯子国王
  • 作者:Edgar Rice Burroughs ( 埃德加·赖斯·巴勒斯 )
  • 统计数据:暂无
  • 简介:An excerpt: All Lustadt was in an uproar. The mad king had escaped. Little knots of excited men stood upon the street corners listening to each latest rumor concerning this most absorbing occurrence. Before the palace a great crowd surged t...
The Magician
  • The Magician
  • 中文名:魔术师
  • 作者:William Somerset Maugham ( 毛姆 )
  • 统计数据:暂无
  • 简介:The Magician is an early W. Somerset Maugham novel, originally published in 1908. In this tale, the magician Oliver Haddo, a caricature of Aleister Crowley, attempts to create life. Crowley wrote a critique of this book under the pen name O...
The Man
  • The Man
  • 中文名:那个人
  • 作者:Bram Stoker ( 布拉姆·史托克 )
  • 统计数据:暂无
  • 简介:...
The Man in the Iron Mask
  • The Man in the Iron Mask
  • 中文名:铁面人
  • 作者:Alexandre Dumas ( 大仲马 )
  • 统计数据:暂无
  • 简介:In the Musketeers' final adventure, D'Artagnan remains in the service of the corrupt King Louis XIV after the Three Musketeers have retired and gone their separate ways. Meanwhile, a mysterious prisoner in an iron mask wastes away deep insi...
The Man Whom the Trees Loved
The Marble Faun
  • The Marble Faun
  • 中文名:玉石雕像卷
  • 作者:Nathaniel Hawthorne ( 纳撒尼尔·霍桑 )
  • 统计数据:暂无
  • 简介:The fragility-and the durability-of human life and art dominate this story of American expatriates in Italy in the mid-nineteenth century. Befriended by Donatello, a young Italian with the classical grace of the Marble Faun, Miriam, Hilda,...
The Master Mind of Mars
  • The Master Mind of Mars
  • 中文名:火星幕后
  • 作者:Edgar Rice Burroughs ( 埃德加·赖斯·巴勒斯 )
  • 统计数据:暂无
  • 简介:The Master Mind of Mars is an Edgar Rice Burroughs science fiction novel, the sixth of his famous Barsoom series. It was first published in the magazine Amazing Stories Annual vol. 1, July 15, 1927. The first book edition was published by A...
The Merchant of Venice
  • The Merchant of Venice
  • 中文名:威尼斯商人
  • 作者:William Shakespeare ( 威廉·莎士比亚 )
  • 统计数据:暂无
  • 简介:This edition of The Merchant of Venice, based on a fresh examination of the early editions, includes an exceptionally lucid and accessible introduction which addresses Shakespeare's attitude toward Semitism and establishes the cultural, hist...
The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood
  • The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood
  • 中文名:罗宾汉奇遇记
  • 作者:Howard Pyle ( 罗伯特·派尔 )
  • 统计数据:暂无
  • 简介:The complete tales of Robin Hood and his Merry Men. Robin Hood and his band -- Little John, Will Scarlett, Allan a Dale, Friar Tuck, Will Stutely, and Midge the Miller -- live outlawed in Sherwood Forest, where, pursued by the Sheriff of No...
The Merry Wives of Windsor
  • The Merry Wives of Windsor
  • 中文名:温沙的风流娘儿们
  • 作者:William Shakespeare ( 威廉·莎士比亚 )
  • 统计数据:暂无
  • 简介:When a new play was required at short notice for a court occasion in 1597, Shakespeare created The Merry Wives of Windsor, a warm-hearted and spirited "citizen comedy" filled with boisterous action, situational irony, rich characterization--...
The Metamorphosis
  • The Metamorphosis
  • 中文名:变形记
  • 作者:Franz Kafka ( 卡夫卡 )
  • 统计数据:暂无
  • 简介:本书是世界文学文库中的一册,收入了奥地利作家卡夫卡的作品“变形记”等中短篇小说数篇。这些作品内容丰富,构思精妙,文笔流畅,具有深刻的思想内涵,不能把它当作寻常的小...
The Miller's Daughter
The Million Pound Bank Note
The Mill on the Floss
  • The Mill on the Floss
  • 中文名:弗洛斯河上的磨坊
  • 作者:George Eliot ( 乔治·艾略特 )
  • 统计数据:暂无
  • 简介:As Maggie Tulliver approaches adulthood, her spirited temperament brings her into conflict with her family, her community, and her much-loved brother Tom. Still more painfully, she finds her own nature divided between the claims of moral re...
The Money Changers
The Mucker
  • The Mucker
  • 中文名:无赖
  • 作者:Edgar Rice Burroughs ( 埃德加·赖斯·巴勒斯 )
  • 统计数据:暂无
  • 简介:The adventures of Billy Byrne, thug and guman, in the underworld of Chicago and San Francisco, and on his mysterious cruise to the unexplored islands of the Pacific, make a yarn as strange and as vivid as even the famous Tarzan tales. A wom...
The Mysterious Affair at Styles
  • The Mysterious Affair at Styles
  • 中文名:斯泰尔斯庄园奇案
  • 作者:Agatha Christie ( 阿加莎·克里斯蒂 )
  • 统计数据:暂无
  • 简介:斯泰尔斯庄园的女主人埃米莉·艾格尼丝·英格尔索普太太掌管着庄园的财政大权。某天凌晨时分她在自己的房间里毒发身亡,而房间的三个门都是从里面锁上的。 波洛在调查此案的过...
The Mysterious Island
  • The Mysterious Island
  • 中文名:神秘岛
  • 作者:Jules Verne ( 儒尔·凡尔纳 )
  • 统计数据:暂无
  • 简介:Mysterious Island is the third book in a trilogy by Verne (the 1st being In Search of the Castaways and the 2nd the famous 20000 Leagues Under the Sea). I think it's by far the best of the three - it's one of my favourites of Verne and make...
The Mysterious Key and What It Opened