英 ['sɒlɪdəs] 美 ['sɑlɪdəs]
  • n. 苏勒德斯(一种古罗马金币);斜线
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solidus 古罗马金币

来自拉丁语 solidus,古罗马金币名,词源同 solid.字面意思即实心钱币,可能因其较厚而得名, 而非普通的薄型钱币。

solidus (n.)
late 14c., plural solidi, used of both English shilling and Roman gold coin, from Late Latin solidus, an imperial Roman coin (worth about 25 denarii), from nummus solidus, literally "solid coin," properly a coin of thick or solid metal, not of thin plate (see solid (adj.)).
1. Slant ( slash ): The oblique line used to separate one element from another . Also called Solidus.
斜笔 ( 斜线 ): 用来分隔两种不同要素的斜线.


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