英 ['ɑːnsə] 美 ['ænsɚ]
  • vt. 回答;符合
  • vi. 回答;符合
  • n. 回答;答案;答辩
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answer 回复

前缀anti-, 相对。词根swer, 发誓,见swear. 原指法律用语,发誓没干过某坏事,指控不实。后词义转化为回复,答复。

ant 蚂蚁


answer: [OE] Etymologically, the word answer contains the notion of making a sworn statement rebutting a charge. It comes from a prehistoric West and North Germanic compound *andswarō; the first element of this was the prefix *and- ‘against’, related to German ent- ‘away, un-’ and to Greek anti-, source of English anti-; and the second element came from the same source as English swear.

In Old English, the Germanic compound became andswaru (noun) and andswarian (verb) ‘reply’, which by the 14th century had been reduced to answer. The synonymous respond has a similar semantic history: Latin respondēre meant ‘make a solemn promise in return’, hence ‘reply’. And, as another element in the jigsaw, Swedish ansvar means ‘responsibility’ – a sense echoed by English answerable.

=> swear
answer (n.)
Old English andswaru "an answer, a reply," from and- "against" (see ante) + -swaru "affirmation," from swerian "to swear" (see swear), suggesting an original sense of "make a sworn statement rebutting a charge." A common Germanic compound (cognates: Old Saxon antswor, Old Norse andsvar, Old Frisian ondser, Danish and Swedish ansvar), implying a Proto-Germanic *andswara-. Meaning "a reply to a question," the main modern sense, was present in Old English. Meaning "solution of a problem" is from c. 1300.
answer (v.)
Old English answarian "to answer;" see answer (n.). Meaning "to respond in antiphony" is from early 15c.; that of "to be responsible for" is early 13c. Related: Answered; answering. The telephone answering machine is from 1961.
1. "I can't give you an answer now," he hedged.


2. Two historical questions — you can answer them how you like.


3. Two men answer-ing the description of the suspects tried to enter Switzerland.


4. He grimaced slightly, obviously expecting no answer to his rhetorical question.


5. I don't quite know what to say in answer to your question.


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