• n. 一马二轮之有盖双座小马车
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hansom 双轮双座马车

来自该马车的设计者19世纪英国建筑师James Hansom.

hansom: [19] The hansom cab, the taxi of the second half of the 19th century, was the brainchild of James Aloysius Hansom (1803– 82), an architect, whose other main claim to fame is that he designed Birmingham town hall. In 1834 he took out a patent for a Safety Cab, which included many features incorporated into the hansom cab when it came into general use in the late 1840s. In the 1890s the word was used as a verb: ‘To think that I … a raging Democrat, should be hansoming it to and fro between my Ladies and Honourables’, Sabine Baring-Gould Armine 1890.
hansom (n.)
"two-wheeled, two-person cab or carriage with the driver's seat above and behind," 1847, from James A. Hansom (1803-1882), English architect who designed such a vehicle c. 1834. The surname is from 17c., originally a nickname, handsome.
1. He bolted into a hansom, and drove to the Goat's Club.
他三脚两步上了一部马车, 就赶到山羊俱乐部.


2. Hansom cabs were patented by the English architect Joseph Hansom.


3. Take a Victorian horse - drawn hansom to a famous local restaurant that serves delicious Yucatan food.


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