英 ['vɔːdəvɪl; 'vəʊd-] 美 ['vɔdəvɪl]
  • n. 杂耍;轻歌舞剧;歌舞杂耍表演
  • n. (Vaudeville)人名;(法)沃德维尔
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vaudeville 歌舞杂耍表演

词源有争议,通常认为来自法语voix de ville, 即village voice,原指村庄或山谷里面的娱乐表演,引申词义歌舞杂耍表演等。

vaudeville: [18] In 15th-century France there was a fashion for songs from the valley of the Vire, in the Calvados region of Normandy (particularly popular, apparently, were the satirical songs composed by a local fuller, Olivier Basselin). They were known as chansons du Vau de Vire ‘songs of the valley of the Vire’, which became shortened to vaudevire, and this was later altered to vaudeville. It was originally used in English for a ‘popular song’; the application to ‘light variety entertainment’ did not emerge until the early 19th century.
vaudeville (n.)
1735, "a country song," especially one for the stage, from French vaudeville (16c.), alteration (by influence of ville "town") of Middle French vaudevire, said to be from (chanson du) Vau de Vire "(song of the) valley of Vire," in the Calvados region of Normandy, first applied to the popular satirical songs of Olivier Basselin, a 15c. poet who lived in Vire. The alternative explanation is that vaudevire derives from Middle French dialectal vauder "to go" + virer "to turn." From the popularity of the songs in France grew a form of theatrical entertainment based on parodies of popular opera and drama, interspersed with songs.
The Théatre du Vaudeville is rich in parodies, which follow rapidly upon every new piece given at the Opera, or at the Théatre Français. Their parody upon Hamlet is too ludicrous for description, but irresistibly laughable; and the elegaut light ballet of La Colombe Retrouvée [The Dove found again], I saw parodied at the Vaudeville as "La Maison Retrouvée" [The House found again], with a breadth of farce quite beyond the genius of Sadler's Wells. Some of the acting here, particularly that of the men, is exquisite; and the orchestra like all the orchestras in Paris is full and excellent. ["France in 1816," by Lady Morgan]
As a sort of popular stage variety entertainment show suitable for families, from c. 1881 in U.S., displaced by movies after c. 1914, considered dead from 1932.
1. In 1901, he broke out of vaudeville and set his sights on Broadway.


2. In 1925 Burns met the vaudeville actress Grace ( Gracie ) Allen, whom he married the following year.
1925年,伯恩斯邂逅另一位轻喜剧女演员格雷斯 ( 格雷西 ) -艾伦, 于次年结婚.


3. Tell her you're abdul abdullah who used to be a mind reader in vaudeville.


4. The standard length of a vaudeville act was 12 minutes.


5. He had had a piece rejected at the Vaudeville.


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