英 ['tʃekə] 美 ['tʃɛkɚ]
  • n. 检验员;收银员;棋子;方格图案;制止者
  • vt. 把…画成棋盘形方格图案;使多样化
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checker 棋子

来自check, 棋子。

checker (n.1)
mid-13c., "game of chess (or checkers);" c. 1300, "a chessboard, board with 64 squares for playing chess or similar games; a set of chessmen" a shortening of Old French eschequier "chessboard; a game of chess," from Medieval Latin scaccarium (see check (n.1)). Meaning "pattern of squares" is late 14c. Meaning "a man or marker in the game of checkers" is from 1864. British prefers chequer. From late 14c. as "a checked design." The word had earlier senses of "table covered with checked cloth for counting" (late 12c. in Anglo-Latin), a sense also in Old French (see checker (n.2)).
checker (v.)
"to ornament with a checked or chackered design," late 14c. (implied in checkered), from Old French eschequeré and from checker (n.1). Related: Checkering.
checker (n.2)
"table covered with a checked cloth," specialized sense of checker (n.1), late 14c. (in Anglo-Latin from c. 1300); especially a table for counting money or keeping accounts (revenue reckoned with counters); later extended to "the fiscal department of the English Crown; the Exchequer (mid-14c.; in Anglo-Latin from late 12c.).
1. Check list ( quality specification ) has been signed by the controller ( inspector, checker ).
检验单 ( 质量说明书 ) 已由管理员 ( 检查员 、 审核人 ) 签字.


2. I am the official checker of the new things to be checked.


3. The certification is invalid without the signature of appraiser , checker and approver.


4. The checker checks on the quality of our products.


5. I'm a checker and I'm very proud of it.


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