• n. 仿真陈述(仅因出现在出版物上而被信以为真)
  • adj. 虚构的;似是而非的
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factoid 仿真描述

fact, 事实。-oid, 类。

factoid (n.)
1973, "published statement taken to be a fact because of its appearance in print," from fact + -oid, first explained, if not coined, by Norman Mailer.
Factoids ... that is, facts which have no existence before appearing in a magazine or newspaper, creations which are not so much lies as a product to manipulate emotion in the Silent Majority. [Mailer, "Marilyn," 1973]
By 1988 it was being used in the sense of "small, isolated bit of true factual information."
1. Here's a pop factoid for you.


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