英 [bləʊt] 美 [blot]
  • vt. 使膨胀;(使)肿胀;腌制
  • vi. 膨胀;肿起;得意
  • n. 膨胀的东西,肿胀的人;肿胀病人;自满的人
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bloat 浮肿

词源同ball, 球,鼓起来的。

bloat: [13] Bloat has a confused and uncertain history. It seems first to have appeared on the scene in the 13th century as an adjective, blout, meaning ‘soft, flabby’, a probable borrowing from Old Norse blautr ‘soft from being cooked with liquid’. This occurs only once, and does not resurface until the early 17th century, in Hamlet as it happens, as blowt: ‘Let the blowt king tempt you again to bed’.

This appears to be the same word as turns up slightly later in the century as bloat, its meaning showing signs of changing from ‘flabby’ to ‘puffed up’. Then in the 1660s we encounter bloated ‘puffed up, swollen’, which paved the way for the verb bloat, first recorded in the 1670s. It is not clear whether bloater [19] comes from the same source. Its linguistic ancestor is the bloat herring [16], which may perhaps have been given its name on the grounds that herrings preserved by light smoking are plumper than those fully dried.

bloat (v.)
1670s, "to cause to swell" (earlier, in reference to cured fish, "to cause to be soft," 1610s), from now obsolete bloat (adj.), attested from c. 1300 as "soft, flabby, flexible, pliable," but by 17c. meaning "puffed up, swollen." Perhaps from a Scandinavian source akin to Old Norse blautr "soaked, soft from being cooked in liquid" (compare Swedish blöt fisk "soaked fish"), possibly from Proto-Germanic *blaut-, from PIE *bhleu- "to swell, well up, overflow," an extension of root *bhel- (2) "to blow, inflate, swell" (see bole).

Influenced by or combined with Old English blawan "blow, puff." Figurative use by 1711. Intransitive meaning "to swell, to become swollen" is from 1735. Related: Bloated; bloating.
bloat (n.)
1860 as a disease of livestock, from bloat (v.). Meaning "bloatedness" is from 1905.
1. As a result, during the boom, British banks were allowed to bloat.
其结果是, 英国各家银行得以在繁荣时期不断膨胀.


2. One major pitfall to look out for is feature bloat.


3. That gum bloat came on the side of big tooth, good ache, how should I do?
大板牙旁边那个牙龈肿起来了, 好疼啊, 我应该怎么办?


4. Bloat is sitting on the floor , working the banana peel into pajama lapel for a boutonni è re.
布娄特就地坐着, 把香蕉皮捣弄成一朵花,别到翻领一侧的纽扣眼里.


5. They get all the functionality without the bloat, and possibly at a lesser cost.
没有膨胀, 甚至可能以更少的费用就得到所有功能.


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