• adj. 烧过的;燃烧着的
  • n. 在火上烧过的食物;面上浇白兰地点燃后端出的食品
  • vt. 在……上浇白兰地并点燃
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flambe 火烧(浇上白兰地等酒后点燃上桌)

来自flame, 燃烧。用来指一种火烧菜肴。

flambe (adj.)
1869, of certain types of porcelain, 1914 as a term in cookery, from French flambé, past participle of flamber "to singe, blaze" (16c.), from Old French flambe "a flame" (see flamboyant). Middle English had flame (v.) in cookery sense "baste (a roast) with hot grease, to baste; to glaze (pastry)."