英 [rʌm] 美 [rʌm]
  • adj. 古怪的;奇特的
  • n. 朗姆酒
  • n. (Rum)人名;(葡、印尼)鲁姆
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1. 喝了酒后就会耍酒疯,于是各种古怪的、奇特的、奇葩的、荒诞的行为就表现出来了,丑态百出。
rum 强壮的,古怪的,奇特的

据说是来自吉普赛语 rom,男人,丈夫,引申词义强壮的,有力的,优秀的,极好的,后词 义讽刺的反转至古怪的,奇特的。

rum 朗姆酒

词源不详,存在诸多猜测。可能来自 rum,强壮的,有力的,用以形容这种酒的劲道强劲。

rum (n.)
"liquor from sugar cane or molasses," 1650s, shortening of rumbullion (1651), rombostion (1652), of uncertain origin, perhaps from rum (adj.).
The chiefe fudling they make in the Island [i.e. Barbados] is Rumbullion alias Kill-Devill, and this is made of suggar cane distilled, a hott, hellish and terrible liquor. ["A briefe Description of the Island of Barbados," 1651]
The English word was borrowed into Dutch, German, Swedish, Danish, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, and Russian. Used since 1800 in North America as a general (hostile) name for intoxicating liquors.
Rum I take to be the name which unwashed moralists apply alike to the product distilled from molasses and the noblest juices of the vineyard. Burgundy in "all its sunset glow" is rum. Champagne, soul of "the foaming grape of Eastern France," is rum. ... Sir, I repudiate the loathsome vulgarism as an insult to the first miracle wrought by the Founder of our religion! [Oliver Wendell Holmes, "The Autocrat of the Breakfast-Table," 1891]
rum (adj.)
"excellent, fine, good, valuable," 1560s, from rome "fine" (1560s), said to be from Romany rom "male, husband" (see Romany). E.g. rum kicks "Breeches of gold or silver brocade, or richly laced with gold or silver" [Grose, "Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue," 1785].

A very common 16c. cant word, by 1774 it also had come to mean "odd, strange, bad, spurious," perhaps because it had been so often used approvingly by rogues in reference to one another. This was the main sense after c. 1800.
1. a concoction of cream and rum


2. His favourite tipple was rum and lemon.


3. Puerto Rico is famous for its light and dark rum.


4. It was a joke, of course, but surely a rum sort of joke?


5. She was rum-maging through the letters, scattering them about the table in her heedless haste.


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