英 ['bəʊsprɪt] 美 ['bosprɪt]
  • n. 船首斜桅
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bowsprit 船头斜桁

bow, 船首。sprit, 斜桁。

bowsprit (n.)
"large spar extending from the bow of a ship with one or more sails of its own," late 13c., probably from Middle Low German bochspret, from boch "bow of a ship" (see bow (n.2)) + spret "pole" (compare Old English spreot "pole," Dutch spriet "spear;" see sprit). French beaupre is a Dutch loan word.
1. The Hispaniola rolled steadily, dipping her bowsprit nod and then with a whiff of spray.
西斯潘尼奥拉号稳稳地向前驶去, 船首的斜桅杆不时被一阵飞溅的浪花打湿.

来自英汉文学 - 金银岛

2. The martingale guy was snapped at the base near the bowsprit cap.


3. The bowsprit was undamaged, but loose at the heel.
在船首斜桅被损坏, 但松散的致命弱点.


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