英 [ʌn'skræmb(ə)l] 美 [,ʌn'skræmbl]
  • vt. 整理;使恢复原状;译出密码
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unscramble 解码,译出

un-, 使相反,scramble, 搅乱,煎蛋。其原义是把煎好的蛋卷重新变成鸡蛋,引申义解码。

unscramble (v.)
"restore to order," 1911, from un- (2) "reverse, opposite of" + scramble (v.). The original use is in a quip attributed to U.S. financier J.P. Morgan (1837-1913) about the impossibility of unscrambling an omelet.
Mr. Morgan is credited with the aphorism that the recent trust decisions are like an order to a cook to "unscramble" the eggs which have just been prepared. [Proceedings of the Academy of Political Science," January 1912]
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1. All you have to do to win is unscramble the words here to find four names of birds.


2. After a few seconds to unscramble my thoughts, I replied.
我稍微整理了一下思路, 然后回答说.


3. To the success of such arise suddenly, different person has unscramble differently.
对于这样突如其来的成功, 不同人有不同的解读.


4. So, can we unscramble a medical domain from which what deep - seated information?
那么, 我们可以从中解读出医药领域哪些深层的信息 呢 ?


5. In Story mode, unscramble moving puzzles to reveal a hidden story.
在故事模式中, 解读游戏揭示的隐藏故事.


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