英 [swæg] 美 [swæɡ]
  • n. 赃物,掠夺品;摇晃;大量
  • vi. 垂下;摇晃,倾斜
  • vt. 使……摇摆;用垂挂物装饰
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swag 摇摆地走,包裹,行囊,被盗物品,脏物

来自辅音丛 sw-,弯,转,摇摆,摇晃,比较 swing,sway,sweep,swipe.引申动词词义摇摆地走, 名词词义包裹,行囊,俚语词义脏物,被盗物品等。

swag (v.)
"to move heavily or unsteadily," 1520s, probably from a Scandinavian source akin to Old Norse sveggja "to swing, sway," from the same source as Old English swingan "to swing" (see swing (v.)). Related: Swagged; swagging.
swag (n.)
1650s, "a lurching or swaying," from swag (v.). Meaning "ornamental festoon" (1794) is said to be probably a separate development from the verb (but see swage). Swag lamp attested from 1966.

Colloquial sense of "promotional material" (from recording companies, etc.) was in use by 2001; swag was English criminal's slang for "quantity of stolen property, loot" from c. 1839. This might be related to earlier senses of "round bag" (c. 1300) and "big, blustering fellow" (1580s), which may represent separate borrowings from the Scandinavian source. "The primary meaning was 'a bulging bag'" [Klein].
1. Tom, something's always told me we'd never get holt of that swag. "
汤姆, 我总觉得,我们永远也得不到那份财宝. ”

来自英汉文学 - 汤姆历险

2. Can't we swag a fax machine and get it to this guy?


3. Between him and Stevenson , Washington has swag to spare.


4. A man camp up one evening, humping his swag.
傍晚一个男子走过来, 背上背着行李包.


5. Every morning, it is a tussle between staying in my swag ( bed ) or a hike.


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