英 [,kæpə'keɪlɪ] 美 [,kæpɚ'keli]
  • n. 北欧产雷鸟之一种
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capercaillie 松鸡

来自苏格兰方言capull coille,丛林马。capull, 马,见cavalcade, 马队。coille, 见hill, 山林。后指松鸡。

capercaillie: [16] The name of the capercaillie, a very large species of grouse, means literally ‘horse of the woods’ in Scots Gaelic. The Gaelic form of the word is capalcoille, a compound formed from capall ‘horse’ (probably borrowed from Latin caballus ‘horse’, source of English cavalier) and coille ‘woods’.
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