英 ['kɔːn(ə)l] 美 ['kɔrnəl]
  • n. 山茱萸
  • n. (Cornel)人名;(罗、法)科尔内尔
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cornel 山茱萸

词源同cherry , 樱桃,因其果实如樱桃而得名。

cornel (n.)
a type of tree or shrub with an edible fruit, 1550s, from German cornel-baum, from Old High German cornul, from Medieval Latin cornolium, from French cornouille, from Vulgar Latin *cornuculum, from Latin cornum "cornel-cherry," perhaps related to Greek kerasos "cherry." Old English also had borrowed the Latin word, in corntreow. The plant was noted for its hard wood, which was favored by the ancients for making shafts of spears and arrows.
1. Except a medicinal cornel, the people also have to wear the chrysanthemum.
除了佩带茱萸, 人们也有头戴菊花的.


2. Inside sachet places the fruit of a medicinal cornel wears , but also has inserts in on.
香袋把茱萸放在里面佩带, 还有插在头上的.


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