英 ['lezbɪən] 美 ['lɛzbɪən]
  • adj. [心理] 女同性恋的
  • n. 女同性恋者
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1. 在中国大陆,女同性恋最常被称为“拉拉”,主要是从台湾“拉子”影响而来,又或称为“蕾丝边”。
2. 女同性恋,又称女同、拉拉、百合、闺蜜、蕾丝边(Lesbian),简称LES。
3. 音译“蕾丝边”-----这看上去是一个很文艺的音译法、音译词。
lesbian 女同性恋


lesbian: [16] Originally, and for many centuries, Lesbian simply meant ‘of Lesbos’, referring to the Aegean island of that name, off the Turkish coast. Then, in the second half of the 19th century, probably some time before 1870, it embarked on a more sensational career. The lyric poet Sappho (c. 600 BC) lived on Lesbos, and she was noted for the love poems she wrote to other women. Her name was invoked directly (in Sapphism) around this time as a genteel literary allusion to female homosexuality, but it was the even more deeply euphemistic lesbian that went on to become the main English term in this area.
lesbian (adj.)
1590s, "pertaining to the island of Lesbos," from Latin Lesbius, from Greek lesbios "of Lesbos," Greek island in northeastern Aegean Sea (the name originally may have meant "wooded"), home of Sappho, great lyric poet whose erotic and romantic verse embraced women as well as men, hence meaning "relating to homosexual relations between women" (1890; lesbianism in this sense is attested from 1870) and the noun, first recorded 1925. Her particular association in English with erotic love between women dates to at least 1825, though the words formed from it are later. Before this, the principal figurative use (common in 17c.) was lesbian rule (c. 1600) a mason's rule of lead, of a type used on Lesbos, which could be bent to fit the curves of a molding; hence, "pliant morality or judgment."
And this is the nature of the equitable, a correction of law where it is defective owing to its universality. ... For when the thing is indefinite the rule also is indefinite, like the leaden rule used in making the Lesbian moulding; the rule adapts itself to the shape of the stone and is not rigid, and so too the decree is adapted to the facts. [Aristotle, "Nicomachean Ethics"]
See also tribadism. Greek had a verb lesbiazein "to imitate the Lesbians," which implied "sexual initiative and shamelessness" among women, but not necessarily female homosexuality.
1. The gay and lesbian rights group, Stonewall, sees outing as completely unhelpful.


2. I'm a lesbian and I'm not ashamed about it.


3. Many of her best friends were lesbian.


4. I came out as a lesbian when I was still in my teens.


5. Who secretly wishes they were married to a hot , sexy lesbian?


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