英 [kə'pærɪs(ə)n] 美 [kə'pærəsn]
  • vt. 覆以马衣;盛装打扮
  • n. 马衣;华丽的衣饰
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1. cap => cape => caparison.
caparison 披挂装饰

词源同cap, chaperon, 原指大帽子,大斗篷,后指各种披挂,装饰。

caparison (n.)
1570s, "cloth spread over a saddle," also "personal dress and ornaments," from Middle French caparasson (15c., Modern French caparaçon), from Spanish caparazón, perhaps from augmentative of Old Provençal caparasso "a mantle with a hood," or Medieval Latin caparo, the name of a type of cape worn by women, literally "chaperon" (see chaperon). Past participle adjective caparisoned is attested from c. 1600, from a verb caparison (1590s), from French caparaçonner, from caparaçon.