英 ['ɒrə(ʊ)tʌnd; 'ɔː-] 美 ['ɔrotʌnd]
  • adj. 夸大的;做作的;朗朗的
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orotund 嗓音洪亮的

来自拉丁语ore rotundo,圆嘴,来自ore,嘴,词源同oral,rotundo,圆的,词源同round,rotate.引申词义嗓音洪亮的。

orotund (adj.)
1792, from Latin ore rotundo "in well-rounded phrases," literally "with round mouth" (see ore rotundo).
The odd thing about the word is that its only currency, at least in its non-technical sense, is among those who should most abhor it, the people of sufficient education to realize its bad formation; it is at once a monstrosity in its form & a pedantry in its use. [Fowler]
1. "Stand up, please" she said in a orotund tone.


2. An area disunity, is an orotund tone color that points three voice Districts different from volume.
所谓声区不统一, 就是指三个声区的声音音色和音量不一样.


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