英 [en'dɒgəmɪ] 美 [ɛn'dɑɡəmi]
  • n. 同部族婚姻;同组结婚;同族结婚;[植] 同系配合,[生物] 同系交配
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endogamy 内婚制,族内婚

endo-, 内,里面。-gamy, 结婚,词源同exogamy,bigamy.

endogamy (n.)
"marriage within the tribe or group," 1865, from endo- on model of polygamy. Related: Endogamous (1865). Opposed to exogamy. Apparently both were coined by Scottish anthropologist John Ferguson McLennan (1827-1881) in "Primitive Marriage."
To this law, the converse of caste, forbidding marriage within the tribe, Mr. M'Lennan has given the name of exogamy: while, instead of caste, since that word involves notions unconnected with marriage, he has used the correlative word -- endogamy. [review in "The Lancet," March 25, 1865]