英 [gæf]
  • n. 鱼叉;斜桁;低级娱乐场所
  • vt. 用鱼叉捉;用鱼钩拖上来;欺骗
  • vi. 赌博
  • n. (Gaff)人名;(英)加夫
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gaff 手钩,挽钩

来自PIE*kap, 抓住,词源同capture, have. 用来指鱼钩。

gaff (n.1)
"iron hook," c. 1300, gaffe, from Old French gaffe "boat hook" (see gaffe). Specifically of the hook on a fishing spear from 1650s. As a type of spar from 1769. Related: gaff-hook.
gaff (n.2)
"talk," 1812, in phrase blow the gaff "spill a secret," of uncertain origin. OED points out Old English gafspræc "blasphemous or ribald speech," and Scottish gaff "loud, rude talk" (by 1825). Compare gaffe.
gaff (n.3)
"cheap music hall or theater; place of amusement for the lowest classes," 1812, British slang, earlier "a fair" (1753), of unknown origin.
1. " I have the gaff now, " he said.
“ 我现在还有那根鱼钩, " 他说.

来自英汉文学 - 老人与海

2. I can reach him with the gaff and eat him here in comfort. "
我可以用鱼钩把它钓过来,在这儿舒舒服服地吃. ”

来自英汉文学 - 老人与海

3. I can reach it with the gaff and eat it here in comfort.


4. What did you figure to do when you drove overboard with the gaff?
你拿着鱼叉跳下水的那会儿,你考虑过该怎么干 吗 ?


5. Shandy Gaff is made with equal parts of beer and ginger ale.


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