• abbr. 离岸价格;船上交货价格(free on board)
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fob 口袋,表链,欺骗

来自德语方言,口袋,口袋表链。欺骗义词源不详,一说来自口袋,偷盗,另一种观点认为来自德语foppen, 嘲笑,来自focken, 繁殖,性交,最终可追溯至fuck. 即成为了somebody-in-law.

fob (n.)
1650s, "men's small waist pocket for valuables," of uncertain origin, probably related to Low German fobke "pocket," High German fuppe "pocket," "a dialectal word used in Livonia" [Klein]. Meaning "chain or ornament attached to a watch carried in the fob" is by 1888, shortened from fob chain.
fob (v.)
"to cheat," late 14c., from obsolete noun fobbe "cheat, trickster" (late 14c.), which perhaps is from Old French forbeter "to deceive, trick, dupe." Alternative etymology holds that the word is perhaps related to German foppen "to jeer at, make a fool of" (see fop); or from German fuppen, einfuppen "to pocket stealthily," which would connect it to fob (n.).

Meaning "to put or shift off (something) by pretense" is from 1650s; to fob (someone) off "put him off deceitfully" is from 1590s. Related: Fobbed; fobbing.
1. She tried to fob all her junk off onto me.


2. Don't try to fob me off with excuses.


3. Well , Mr Smith, you know, our prices are quoted on FOB net basis.
史密斯先生, 你知道, 我们报的是FOB净价.


4. Next FOB single sample orders, and professional processing, and plans to order!
FOB单来样订货, 专业加工, 来图订货!


5. In FOB, as the head prior to shipment transport arrangements.
FOB条件 下, 同样涉及装船前的头程运输安排问题.


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