英 ['skænʃ(ə)n] 美 ['skætʃən]
  • n. 韵律节奏的分析;按韵律诵读;细查
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scansion 诗行的韵律

来自拉丁语 scandere,标出诗歌的韵律,即诗歌的抑扬顿挫,词源同 scan.-sion,名词后缀。

scansion (n.)
1670s, "action of marking off of verse in metric feet," from Late Latin scansionem (nominative scansio), in classical Latin, "act of climbing," noun of action from past participle stem of scandere "to climb" (see scan (v.)). From 1650s in English in literal sense of "action of climbing up."