英 ['kweikə] 美
  • n. 教友派信徒;贵格会教徒
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1. 贵格会(Quakers,通用名称),又名教友派、公谊会( the Religious Society of Friends,正式名称),兴起于17世纪中期的英国及其美洲殖民地,创立者为乔治·福克斯。“贵格”为英语Quaker一词之音译,意为颤抖者。
2. 因贵格会建立之初,在聚会时常有人激动得颤抖而得名,究其名称由来,一种说法是其建立者乔治·福克斯在一次宗教裁判时,警告法官将在上帝面前颤抖,另外的人士则认为该名字与身体的颤抖或是贵格会的宗教经验有关。而公谊会(Friends Church)一名,是根据约翰福音十五章13-15节之经训而来的。耶稣说:”人为朋友舍命,人的爱心没有比这个大的。你们若遵行我所吩咐的,就是我的朋友了。以后我不再称你们为仆人,因仆人不知道主人所做的事;我乃称你们为朋友。”
Quaker 贵格会教徒

基督教分支Religious Society of Friends的别称。来自quake,颤抖,即在上帝前颤抖之意,来自该教创始人对其教徒的警告和规劝”tremble at the Word of the Lord”.

Quaker (n.)
1651, said to have been applied to them in 1650 by Justice Bennett at Derby, from George Fox's admonition to his followers to "tremble at the Word of the Lord;" but the word was used earlier of foreign sects given to fits of shaking during religious fervor, and that is likely the source here. Either way, it never was an official name of the Religious Society of Friends. The word in a literal sense is attested from early 15c., an agent noun from quake (v.).
There is not a word in the Scripture, to put David's condition into rime and meeter: sometimes he quaked and trembled, and lay roaring all the day long, that he watered his bed with his tears: and how can you sing these conditions (but dishonour the Lord) and say all your bones quake, your flesh trembled, and that you water your bed with your tears? when you live in pride and haughtiness, and pleasure, and wantonness;" etc. ["A Brief Discovery of a threefold estate of Antichrist Now Extant in the world, etc.," an early Quaker work, London, 1653]
Quaker gun (1809, American English) was a log painted black and propped up to look from a distance like a cannon, so called for the sect's noted pacifism. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, has been known as the Quaker City since at least 1824. Related: Quakerish; Quakeress ("a female Quaker"); Quakerism.
1. William Penn wrote in the cool, charitable vein of the Quaker faith.


2. There was a gentle bustle at the Quaker house, as the afternoon drew to a close.


3. A Quaker child in an inimical New England settlement is stoned by the other children.


4. Do you know anything about the Quakers, the Quaker religion?
你知道教友派信徒吗, 教友派教条?


5. I asked one friend, who is a Quaker, what the U.
我问一位教友派信徒的朋友, 对希特勒这样的人美国应该怎么办.


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