英 ['letʃə] 美 [ˈlɛtʃɚ]
  • n. 好色之徒;纵欲的人
  • vi. 纵欲
  • n. (Lecher)人名;(罗)莱克尔;(德)莱歇尔
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lecher 色鬼


lecher: [12] Etymologically, a lecher is a ‘licker’. English borrowed the word from Old French lecheor, a derivative of the verb lechier ‘lick’, which was used figuratively for ‘live a life of debauchery’. This in turn came from Frankish *likkōn, a descendant of the same prehistoric Germanic source as English lick [OE]. The inspiration of the metaphor, which originally encompassed the pleasures of the table as well as of the bed, was presumably the tongue as an organ of sensual gratification.
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lecher (n.)
"man given to excessive sexual indulgence," late 12c., from Old French lecheor (Modern French lécheur) "one living a life of debauchery," especially "one given to sexual indulgence," literally "licker," agent noun from lechier "to lick, to live in debauchery or gluttony," from Frankish *likkon or some other Germanic source, from Proto-Germanic *likkojan "to lick" or some other Germanic source (see lick). The Old French feminine form was lechiere. Middle English, meanwhile, had lickestre "female who licks;" figuratively "a pleasure seeker," literally "lickster."
1. He is thinking of women all day. What a lecher.
他整天琢磨女人, 真是一个色迷.


2. The old man uses his share to buy raw whiskey and dirty pictures, he a lecher.
那个老头儿把自己的一份全部卖了去买纯威士忌酒和下流画片, 他是个色鬼.


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