英 [ə'l(j)uːvɪəl] 美 [ə'lʊvɪəl]
  • adj. 冲积的
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alluvial 冲积的

前缀al-同ad-. 词根luv, 流,冲刷,见lava,岩浆.

alluvial: [19] Alluvial material is material that has been washed down and deposited by running water. Hence the term; for its ultimate source, Latin lavere (a variant of lavāre, which produced English latrine, laundry, lava, lavatory, lavish, and lotion), meant ‘wash’. Addition of the prefix ad- ‘to’ changed lavere to luere, giving alluere ‘wash against’.

Derived from this were the noun alluviō (source of the English technical term alluvion ‘alluvium’) and the adjective alluvius, whose neuter form alluvium became a noun meaning ‘material deposited by running water’. English adopted alluvium in the 17th century, and created the adjective alluvial from it in the 19th century. If Latin alluere meant ‘wash against’, abluere meant ‘wash away’.

Its noun form was ablūtiō, which English acquired as ablution in the 14th century.

=> ablution, latrine, laundry, lavatory, lavish, lotion
alluvial (adj.)
1802, from Latin alluvius "alluvial" (see alluvium) + -al (1).
1. Alluvial soils usually grow the best crops.


2. Thus, alluvial channel flows are simultaneously sculptor and sculpture.
这样, 冲积河槽水流既是塑造者,同时又是被塑造者.


3. The water cuts the alluvial banks of the " lower " river into deep horseshoe curves.
河水把下游那些 冲积 的河岸冲成很深的马蹄形曲线.


4. Bangkok is surrounded by a vast, damp, alluvial plain, crisscrossed by a network of klong,.
曼谷为一个广阔潮湿的冲积平原所环绕, 有纵横交错的运河网.


5. Upward - fining channels may occur in a wide range of environments, from submarine canyon to alluvial fan.
向上变细的水道可以出现在好多种环境中, 从海底峡谷到冲积扇.


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