英 [səʊ] 美 [so]
  • adv. 如此,这么;确是如此
  • conj. 所以;因此
  • pron. 这样
  • n. (So)人名;(柬)索
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so 因此,以此

来自中古英语 so,来自古英语 swa,因此,来自 Proto-Germanic*swa,因此,来自 PIE*swo,反身 代词词干,可能来自 PIE*so,指示代词干,词源同 sic,soon.

so: [OE] So is a general Germanic word, with relatives in German so, Dutch zo, Swedish , and Danish saa. It is also distantly connected with Greek hōs ‘as’ and hóppōs ‘how’. Far back in its history it participated in the formation of English as and such.
so (adv.)
Old English swa, swæ (adv., conj., pron.) "in this way," also "to that extent; so as, consequently, therefore," and purely intensive; from Proto-Germanic *swa (cognates: Old Saxon, Middle Dutch, Old High German so, Old Norse sva, Danish saa, Swedish , Old Frisian sa, Dutch zo, German so "so," Gothic swa "as"), from PIE reflexive pronominal stem *swo- "so" (cognates: Greek hos "as," Old Latin suad "so," Latin se "himself"), derivative of *s(w)e-, pronoun of the third person and reflexive (see idiom).

Old English swa frequently was strengthened by eall, and so also is contained in compounds as, also, such. The -w- was eliminated by contraction from 12c.; compare two, which underwent the same process but retained its spelling. As an "introductory particle" [OED] from 1590s. Used to add emphasis or contradict a negative from 1913. So in mid-20c. British slang could mean "homosexual" (adj.). So? as a term of dismissal is attested from 1886 (short for is that so?, etc.). So what as an exclamation of indifference dates from 1934. So-and-so is from 1596 meaning "something unspecified;" first recorded 1897 as a euphemistic term of abuse. Abbreviating phrase and so on is attested from 1724. So far so good is from 1721.
1. Look, you've typed " do " as'so " , and made nonsense of the whole sentence.
瞧, 你把do打成了so, 这样一来句子就不通了.


2. Failure is never quite so frightening as regret do.

来自金山词霸 每日一句

3. He plays some passages so slowly that they become lugubrious.


4. Fresh fruits and vegetables are important and so is bran.


5. He does deserve some good luck after so much wretchedness.


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