英 ['bɪltɒŋ; 'bəl-] 美
  • n. 干肉片;干肉条
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biltong 生肉干

来自荷兰语。bil, 后腿肉。tong, 舌头,长条,同tongue. 即长条状的牛肉。

biltong: [19] Biltong, strips of sun-dried meat – anything from beef to ostrich – used as iron rations in southern Africa, has the unpromising literal meaning ‘buttock-tongue’ (Afrikaans bil is ‘buttock’, tong is ‘tongue’). The reason for the name is supposedly that the meat for biltong was customarily cut from the hind quarters of the animal, and that the coiner found in it, perhaps rather optimistically, a resemblance to the taste of smoked ox tongue.