英 [,hæsɪ'endə; æ'θjendæ; æ'sjendæ] 美 [,hæsɪ'ɛndə]
  • n. 大庄园
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1. faci- "do, make" + -enda (gerundive suffix) => facienda => hacienda (-f- => -h-).
2. which is to be done or made. => which is to be built.
hacienda 讲西班语国家的大庄园


hacienda (n.)
1760, from American Spanish, "an estate or ranch in the country," from Spanish hacienda "landed estate, plantation," earlier facienda, from Latin facienda "things to be done," from facere "to do" (see factitious). For noun use of a Latin gerundive, compare agenda. The owner of one is a hacendado.

The change of Latin f- to Spanish h- is characteristic; compare hablar from fabulari, hacer from facere, hecho from factum, hermoso from formosum. Confusion of initial h- and f- was common in 16c. Spanish; the conquistador is known in contemporary records as both Hernando and Fernando Cortés.
1. Write your check payable to Hacienda Heights Chinese Seventh - day Adventist Church ( HHCSDA ).


2. When the Hacienda died, many said a piece of Manchester died.
当“庄园”夜总会倒闭时, 许多人说,曼彻斯特的一部分完了.


3. Susan Cohen is designing the interiors for a huge hacienda - style home in Malibu, California.


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