英 ['gænɪt] 美 ['ɡænɪt]
  • n. 塘鹅
  • n. (Gannet)人名;(法)加内
分类标签: 禽鸟
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gannet 塘鹅(大型海鸟),大胃王

来自PIE*ghans, 鹅,拟声词,词源同goose.

gannet: [OE] The gannet used to be known dialectally as the solan goose (solan was a compound formed in the 15th century from Old Norse súla ‘gannet’ and önd ‘duck’), and in fact the name gannet too reveals a perceived similarity between the gannet and the goose. For it comes ultimately from a prehistoric Germanic *ganitaz or *ganoton, a word formed from the same base as produced English gander [10].
=> gander
gannet (n.)
Old English ganot, name of a kind of sea-bird, from Proto-Germanic *ganton- (cognates: Dutch gent, Middle High German ganiz, Old High German ganazzo "a gander"), from PIE *ghans- "a goose" (see goose (n.)). Old French gante is from Germanic.
1. A zoologist attempts to capture a northern gannet affected by the oil spill.


2. Gannet - To subsist by the wings of his virtue and merit, having little land to rest upon.
塘鹅 - 以自己美德和功绩为翅膀而继续生存的人, 漂泊而没有定所.


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