英 ['paɪθənɪs] 美 ['pɪθənɛs]
  • n. 女预言家;女巫;古希腊德尔菲的太阳神殿的女祭司
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pythoness 德尔斐神庙的女祭司,女巫,女预言家


pythoness (n.)
late 14c., "woman with the power of soothsaying," from Old French phitonise (13c.), from Late Latin pythonissa, used in Vulgate of the Witch of Endor (I Sam. xxviii:7), and often treated as her proper name, literally fem. of pytho "familiar spirit;" which ultimately is connected with the title of the prophetess of the Delphic Oracle, Greek pythia hiereia, from Pythios, an epithet of Apollo, from Pytho, older name of the region of Delphi (see python).
1. She gazed at him -- a pythoness in humour.
她直视着他 -- 活脱脱一个女巫的神气.


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