• n. 男式马裤
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pantaloons 女式灯笼裤,男式马裤

来自Pantaloun,传统滑稽中的丑角角色,常穿着一条紧身长裤或长马裤。其原型为意大利威尼斯圣人Saint Pantaleone,字面意思为狮子般的,来自pan-,全部,所有,-leon,狮子,词源同lion.后引申词义男式马裤,女式灯笼裤。

pantaloons (n.)
1660s, "kind of tights" (originally a French fashion and execrated as such by late 17c. English writers), associated with Pantaloun (1580s), silly old man character in Italian comedy who wore tight trousers over his skinny legs, from Italian Pantalone, originally San Pantaleone, Christian martyr, a popular saint in Venice (Pantaleone in the comedies represents the Venetian). The name is of Greek origin and means "all-compassionate" (or, according to Klein, "entirely lion"). Applied to tight long trousers (replacing knee-breeches) by 1798; pants is a shortened form first recorded 1840.
1. Hallah wears the stylish tunic and pantaloons common in Kurdistan.


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