美 ['dʒækdɔ]
  • n. 寒鸦;穴鸟
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jackdaw 寒鸦


jackdaw (n.)
1540s, the common name of the daw (Corvus monedula), "which frequents church towers, old buildings, etc.; noted for its loquacity and thievish propensities" [OED]. See jack (n.) + daw.
In modern times, parrots are almost the only birds that have the gift of speech, though connoisseurs are not ignorant that starlings and jackdaws have good abilities in that way, when properly educated. ["Chambers' Home Book and Pocket Miscellany," 1853]
1. Birds : We indignantly protest, and each pluck from it our own feathers, leaving jackdaw a jackdaw.
我们抗议并纷纷从寒鸦身上拿下了自己的羽毛, 结果寒鸦还是寒鸦.


2. Rimmersman, Hernystiri, Warinstenner or Perdruinese , their swagger and bright garb caught Simon's jackdaw fancy.
Rimmersman 、 Hernystiri 、 Warinstenner、Perdruinese, 他们昂首阔步的样子、明亮的服装,都引起了Simon的想象.


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