英 ['strəʊfɪ] 美 ['strofi]
  • n. 诗节;古希腊歌队唱的歌
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strophe 诗节

来自希腊语 strophe,诗节,字面意思为转折或起承转合,来自 strephein,转,PIE*streb,转,词 源同 catastrophe,tropic,turn.

strophe (n.)
c. 1600, from Greek strophe "stanza," originally "a turning," in reference to the section of an ode sung by the chorus while turning in one direction, from strephein "to turn," from PIE *streb(h)- "to wind, turn" (cognates: Greek strophaligs "whirl, whirlwind," streblos "twisted," stremma "that which is twisted").