英 [,entʃɪ'lɑːdə] 美 [,ɛntʃɪ'lɑdə]
  • n. 玉米卷饼(墨西哥菜), 整件事情, 全部细节
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enchilada 墨西哥辣肉馅玉米卷

en-, 进入,使。-chil, 辣椒,见chili, chili con carne.

enchilada (n.)
1876, American English, from Mexican Spanish enchilada, fem. past participle of enchilar "season with chili," from en- "in" + chile "chili" (see chili).
"You never ate enchilada, did you? I hope you never will. An enchilada looks not unlike an ordinary flannel cake rolled on itself and covered with molasses. The ingredients which go to make it up are pepper, lye, hominy, pepper, onions chopped fine, pepper, grated cheese, and pepper. ["The Health Reformer," December 1876]
1. The team won the big enchilada in 1980 and 1982 ( Scott Ostler )
该队赢得了1980和1982年的最重要的比赛斯科特奥斯勒 )


2. He's the Big Enchilada.


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