• n. 理性;理法
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logos 词语,辩理,理性


logos (n.)
1580s, Logos, "the divine Word, second person of the Christian Trinity," from Greek logos "word, speech, discourse," also "reason," from PIE root *leg- "to collect" (with derivatives meaning "to speak," on notion of "to pick out words;" see lecture (n.)); used by Neo-Platonists in various metaphysical and theological senses and picked up by New Testament writers.

Other English formations from logos include logolatry "worship of words, unreasonable regard for words or verbal truth" (1810 in Coleridge); logomania (1870); logophobia (1923).
1. They become official sponsors and put their logos on stadium walls.


2. One solution was to see the " Logos " as a different mode of God's being.
一种解决的办法是把 “ 逻各斯 ” 视为上帝的一个不同形式.

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3. Its danger was that the " Logos " was seen as less than fully God.
它的危害是 “ 逻各斯 ” 没有完全被视为上帝.

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4. He taught that the " Logos " was divine but less than God, a sort of demigod.
他主张 “ 逻各斯 ” 是神圣的但并非上帝, 是半神半人.

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5. Information on all things Olympic, including logos, mascots, venues, and bid candidates.
所有事情奥林匹克, 包括的标识语, 吉祥物, 地点, 和出价候选人的信息.


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