英 [bəʊ'deɪʃəs] 美 [bo'deʃəs]
  • adj. 胆大包天的;非凡的;很明显的
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bodacious 出色的

来自bold 和audacious复合词。

bodacious (adj.)
1837 (implied in bodaciously), Southern U.S. slang, perhaps from bodyaciously "bodily, totally," or a blend of bold and audacious, which suits the earliest attested sense of the word. Popularized anew by 1982 Hollywood film "An Officer and a Gentleman."
1. See? I got a perky patootie! - ve a bodacious bum. - Nutritious and booty - licious!
你看? 我有一个神气的屁股! - 我有一个放肆的屁股. - 有营养又可口!


2. From sexy spin classes to bodacious boxing, this club is full of knock - outs.
从性感的脚踏车课程到大胆的拳击, 这家俱乐部里充满了惊奇.


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