英 ['gɑːtə] 美 ['ɡɑrtɚ]
  • v. 吊袜带吊住
  • n. 吊袜带
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garter 吊袜带

来自古法语garet, 膝盖,腿。原指系长统袜的带子,现指吊袜带。Order of the Garter, 嘉德勋章,英国最古老的骑士勋章,据说来自英王爱德华三世在一次舞会上,其舞伴不小心袜带掉下来,引起其它人的偷笑,爱德华捡起这根吊袜带系在自己的腿上,并说了一名“心怀邪念者蒙羞”。比较中国成语楚王绝缨。

garter: [14] The ultimate source of garter was probably an unrecorded Gaulish word meaning ‘leg’ (related to Welsh gar ‘leg’). It was borrowed into Old French at some point and used as the basis of the noun garet, which (in relation to people) meant ‘place where the leg bends, knee’. From this in turn was derived Old French gartier ‘band just above or below the knee’, source of English garter.

The British Order of the Garter dates, according to the medieval French chronicler Jean Froissart, from around 1344. The story of its origin, not recorded until over 250 years later and never authenticated, is that while the Countess of Salisbury was dancing with King Edward III, her garter fell off; the king picked it up and put it on his own leg, remarking somewhat cryptically in Anglo-French ‘Honi soit qui mal y pense’ – ‘Shamed be he who thinks evil of it’, and named the order of knighthood which he founded after this very garter.

garter (n.)
"tie or fastening to keep a stocking in place on the leg," early 14c., from Old North French gartier "band just above or below the knee" (Old French jartier, 14c., Modern French jarretière), from garet/jaret "bend of the knee," perhaps from Gaulish (compare Welsh garr "leg"). Garter in reference to the highest order of knighthood (mid-14c.) is from the Order of the Garter, the earliest records of which are entirely lost, but which according to Froissart was established c. 1344 by Edward III, though the usual story of how it came about is late (1614) and perhaps apocryphal. Garter-snake (1775, U.S.) so called from resemblance to a ribbon. Garter belt attested by 1913.
garter (v.)
mid-15c., from garter (n.). Related: Gartered; gartering.
1. The highest Order of Knighthood is the Order of the Garter.


2. The Order of the Garter is an ancient order of chivalry.


3. Who wore funny boxer shorts and garter belts and died decades ago?


4. PC . Powermesh garter belt with lace trim, includes G - string.


5. My husband bought me a new garter belt yesterday.


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