dove (n.)youdaoicibaDictYouDict[dove 词源字典]
probably from Old English dufe- (found only in compounds), from Proto-Germanic *dubon (cognates: Old Saxon duba, Old Norse dufa, Swedish duva, Middle Dutch duve, Dutch duif, Old High German tuba, German Taube, Gothic -dubo), perhaps related to words for "dive," in reference to its flight.

Originally applied to all pigeons, now mostly restricted to the turtle dove. A symbol of gentleness from early Christian times, also of the Holy Spirit (as in Gen. viii:8-12), and of peace and deliverance from anxiety; political meaning "person who advocates peace" attested by 1917, from the Christian dove of peace.[dove etymology, dove origin, 英语词源]
dove (v.)youdaoicibaDictYouDict
past tense of dive (q.v.).