英 ['pæpɪlɒn] 美 ['pæpə,lɑn]
  • n. 蝶耳狗(一种玩赏小狗)
  • n. (Papillon)人名;(法)帕皮永;(英)帕皮伦
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papillon 彩蝶,蝴蝶,蝴蝶犬


papillon (n.)
1907, as a breed of dog, from French papillon, literally "butterfly," from Latin papilionem (nominative papilio) "butterfly," perhaps from a reduplicated form of PIE root *pal- "to touch, feel, shake."

The Latin word is cognate with Old English fifealde "butterfly," Old Saxon fifoldara, Old Norse fifrildi, Old High German vivaltra, German Falter. The dog so called for the shape of the ears.