• n. 囟门(婴儿头部会动的部位,等于fontanel)
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fontanelle 囟门(婴儿头顶骨未合缝处)

来自拉丁语fons, 喷泉,词源同fountain. -elle, 小词后缀。用于解剖学名词。

fontanelle (n.)
also fontanel, 1540s, "hollow between two muscles," from French fontanelle (16c.), from Old French fontenele "small source, fountain, spring; fontanelle," diminutive of fontaine "spring" (see fountain), on analogy of the dent in the earth where a spring arises. In reference to the "hollow" in a baby's skull, it is first recorded 1741.
1. Palm - hitting , the anterior fontanelle of the vertex and Baihui.
掌 击法 常用于头顶前囟与百会.


2. Fontanelle too much - refers to the baby after birth ago skull gradually increased up to 4 - 5 cm.
囟门过大 —— 是指宝宝出生后不久前囟逐渐增大,可达 4-5 厘米.


3. If the long - term malnutrition baby malnutrition, excessive weight, will also appear before the fontanelle depression.
营养不良如果宝宝 长期 营养不良 、 过度消瘦, 前囟门也会出现凹陷.


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