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gynaecology: [19] The Greek word for ‘woman’ was guné. It has relatives in several modern Indo-European languages, including Swedish kvinna, Danish kvinde, Irish Gaelic bean, Welsh benyw, Czech zhena, Russian zhenshchina, Persian zan (whence ultimately English zenana ‘harem’ [18]), and the now obsolete English quean [OE], and goes back to Indo-European *gwen-.

The resumption of the study of Greek in the 16th century led to increasing adoption of compounds involving guné into English. The earliest recorded ones are gyneconome ‘member of a board of Athenian magistrates whose job was to ensure that women behaved properly’ [16] and gynocracy ‘rule by women’ [17]. Gynaecology is a comparative latecomer, not appearing before the 1840s.

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