英 [sæŋ'griːə] 美 ['sæŋɡrɪə]
  • n. 桑格里厄汽酒
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sangria 桑格里亚酒

来自西班牙语 sangria,流血的,来自 sangre,血,词源同 sanguine.后用于指葡萄酒,因葡萄酒 血红的颜色而得名。

sangria (n.)
cold drink made from sweetened and diluted red wine, 1954, from Spanish, literally "bleeding," from sangre "blood," from Vulgar Latin sanguem, from Latin sanguis (see sanguinary). The drink so named for its color. Earlier as sangre (1736).
1. While sipping his sangria, he noticed a sizzling, scrumptious - looking platter being served at the next table.
品尝着香格里亚酒(注), 他注意到一盘热吱吱, 看起来香喷喷的菜被端上邻桌.


2. As you arrive, try the Sangria, available 24 hours a day at many a corner shop.
当你到达以后, 尝尝桑格利亚汽酒,这种酒在每个小店都24小时供应.


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