• n. 剪纸装饰;剪贴工艺
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decoupage 剪纸装饰艺术

de-, 向下。-coup, 砍,剪,词源同cope, coup. 用来指剪纸装饰。

decoupage (n.)
1960, from French découpage, literally "the act of cutting out," from decouper "to cut out" (12c., Old French decoper), from de- "out" (see de-) + couper "to cut" (see chop (v.1)).
1. Furniture, Furniture Fittings and Fixtures , Lamps and Lampshades, Decoupage Lamps, Tables and Accessories Plus Mirrored Furniture.
采购产品家具, 家具配件和固定物, 灯和灯罩, 剪纸装饰灯, 桌子和配件.


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