英 ['nɪmfə(ʊ),lepsɪ] 美 ['nɪmfə,lɛpsi]
  • n. 狂热;狂乱;着迷
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nympholepsy 男色情狂,着迷

nympho-,仙女,-lepsy, 抓住,发狂。比喻用法,原指被仙或妖迷住的男子,后用来指发情的男人。

nympholepsy (n.)
"frenzy or rapture supposed to take hold of a man upon gazing on a nymph," 1775, coined by Richard Chandler, in "Travels in Greece," from nymph, on model of epilepsy, with second element from stem of Greek lambanein "to take." Especially "an ecstasy or frenzy caused by desire for the unattainable." Ancient Greek had nympholeptos "caught by nymphs." Related: Nympholept; nympholeptic.