英 ['ækəleɪd; ,ækə'leɪd] 美 ['ækəled]
  • n. 荣誉;荣誉称号授予仪式;连谱号;称赞
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accolade 赞扬

前缀ac-同ad-. 词根col, 转,领口,同collar,领口。该词原指封骑士时的拥抱仪式,后指赞扬。

accolade: [17] Accolade goes back to an assumed Vulgar Latin verb *accollāre, meaning ‘put one’s arms round someone’s neck’ (collum is Latin for ‘neck’, and is the source of English collar). It put in its first recorded appearance in the Provençal noun acolada, which was borrowed into French as accolade and thence made its way into English. A memory of the original literal meaning is preserved in the use of accolade to refer to the ceremonial striking of a sword on a new knight’s shoulders; the main current sense ‘congratulatory expression of approval’ is a later development.
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accolade (n.)
1620s, from French accolade (16c.), from Provençal acolada or Italian accollata, ultimately from noun use of a fem. past participle from Vulgar Latin *accollare "to embrace around the neck," from Latin ad- "to" (see ad-) + collum "neck" (see collar (n.)).

The original sense is of an embrace about the neck or the tapping of a sword on the shoulders to confer knighthood. Extended meaning "praise, award" is from 1852. Also see -ade. Earlier was accoll (mid-14c.), from Old French acolee "an embrace, kiss, especially that given to a new-made knight," from verb acoler. The French noun in the 16c. was transformed to accolade, with the foreign suffix.
1. Four restaurants have been awarded the highest accolade of a three - star rating .
四家餐馆获授予 三星级 餐馆的最高荣誉称号.


2. Ari Hart recently received the accolade of being represented in the Museum of Modern Art.


3. The Nobel prize has become the ultimate accolade in the sciences.


4. Strangely, the yen may be the more deserving of that accolade.
奇怪的是, 日元或许更配得上这个荣誉称号.


5. Being better than China Mobile is not a great accolade, of course.
比中移动强一些, 当然不是多高的赞美.


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