英 ['pænɪə] 美 ['pænɪɚ]
  • n. 驮篮;肩筐;裙撑
  • n. (Pannier)人名;(法)帕尼耶;(德)潘尼尔
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pannier 挂篮


pannier: [13] Etymologically, a pannier is something for carrying ‘bread’ in. It comes via Old French pannier from Latin pānārium ‘breadbasket’, a derivative of pānis ‘bread’. This originally meant simply ‘food’ (it came from the same ultimate source as Latin pābulum ‘food’, borrowed into English in the 17th century, and English food); ‘bread’ was a secondary development. It is the ancestor of the modern Romance words for ‘bread’ (French pain, Italian pane, Spanish pan, etc), and also gave English pantry.
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pannier (n.)
late 13c., "large basket for provisions," from Old French panier "basket," from Latin panarium "bread basket," from panis "bread" (see food).